Briggs International, Inc. has over 30 years experience in the investigative industry. Our services include AOE/COE investigations, surveillance, activity checks/alive & well checks and various record searches. Briggs International service areas include, all of the Phoenix Metro area,  and Southern California. We have a diverse group of investigators with the majority of them being bilingual-Spanish.

We hold our investigators to the highest of standards and in most cases are able to shoot 85 to 95% video. One of the reasons for our success is all of our investigators are required to use our digital eye system, this technology allows us to follow each case by logging on remotely from our offices and tracking each one by using GPS and video. In the event the investigator is not able to obtain video for the client we still have video and GPS documentation of the investigator being on site. Some of our clients have found this to be a useful tool for billing accuracy and in the event a customer questions an investigation where video was not obtained.

Keeping our clients updated is the cornerstone of our business. This allows our clients to tailor our services to their needs and use their investigative dollars wisely.

Our Surveillance Services include:

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